About Abundant Transit BC

More Transit for More People

We are British Columbians who want more public transit options built without delay. 

In late 2017, we decided to organize other people who shared this goal and formed Abundant Transit BC.

ATBC organizes to urgently build more transit in BC by amplifying the democratic power of local people who use transit.

What Does Abundant Transit BC Do?

Here's what we do: 

  1. Advocate together for the installation, maintenance, and improvement of abundant, high-quality public transit options.
  2. Empower people like us to participate in local decisions about public transit, land use, and spending.
  3. Promote freedom of mobility as a universal human right best served by abundant transit. Show how more transit increases social equity, economic prosperity, and environmental security across BC.

If you're someone like us who wants to see abundant transit in BC, add your name here. Ahead, we'll meet up to share information and organize.

For more info, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.