How Transit Can Connect Us With Nature in the Age of the Climate Breakdown

In the age of the climate breakdown, young people face a distressing dilemma: how can we continue to enjoy the beauty of our planet, while minimizing our impact on it?

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Make Transit Abundant

We know that public transit works.

We know that transit gets us cleaner air, safer streets, and more freedom to move around. More transit means healthier people, more choice in jobs and housing, and stronger regions.

Transit does all this for us at a lower overall cost than other ways of getting around. It can be efficient, fast-to-deploy, and responsive to the risks and opportunities of our changing planet. 

Since it works so well, let’s offer more transit for more people. Let's get more transit everywhere, fast.

Transit technologies are mature and the business case for fast deployment is strong. As a public utility, transit can bring freedom, security, and choice to us and our neighbours by taking us more places, more affordably, than we could otherwise. Transit makes living together easier and improves civic life. 

Yes. Abundant transit is possible in British Columbia: fast and high-quality mobility options, owned by us, that get us around and between the places we all live. Thankfully, we live in a relatively strong democracy with a prosperous economy. Voters can change how our elected officials make decisions about using land, spending money, and regulating our transportation systems.

Making up for lost time

In the past, our governments failed to build enough transit. In the last century, new communities formed and established ones grew more populous, productive, and congested. Our leaders didn’t develop the urban transit systems needed to keep up. Nor did they expand or maintain inter-city and regional rail connections. 

Today, we understand their mistake. Congestion, affordability, and climate change mean we can’t go slow anymore. We can learn from those mistakes and act boldly, urgently, today.

If we choose and do the work, British Columbians can have abundant transit.

Abundant transit means readily-available and affordable options that give a freedom of mobility that can never come from relying on your own private vehicle. It means doing what we say when it comes to implementing transit plans and making intelligent and responsible decisions about our region’s independence, security, and health. 

People with abundant transit will have more choice about where to live, work, and enjoy life. Abundant transit means families can stay better connected and save money to see and care for one another. Having widespread and affordable alternatives means working people can avoid the risk and cost of a private vehicle. 

Yet, communities in North America still rarely make the transit investments that the public wants, as quickly as they need.

The culprit for this delay, here and elsewhere, is electoral politics.

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